In the Cloud with: E*trade

Altibase, the premiere provider of in-memory data solutions for real-time access, collaborated with E*Trade to solve a critical issue with their DBMS that prevented E*Trade from expanding their platform offline. Altibase has proven success in the financial field and was able to provide them with a DBMS that could handle the expansion and opportunities that has driven E*Trade to success.


E*Trade is one of the most renowned names in financial services. They continue to challenge the industry by giving more control and power to their investors. It is imperative that they have a database management system that allows them to continue to provide superior service to their clients. Previously, E*Trade had outsourced their IT operations. While expanding outside their online platform, they found serious errors in the system, preventing them from providing their investors with the service they need. Their current DBMS was compromising their performance, speed and reputation. They knew that a change was necessary if they wanted to integrate optimal, sequential order processing. E*Trade was in dire need of a DBMS that was highly reliable and had a proven track record of handling their in-house trading system needs.


E*Trade adopted ALTIBASE HBD, a reliable, in-memory DBMS that has over 14 years of performance-driving functionality, agility and maturity for top financial firms. ALTIBASE HBD was able to offer support that allows E*Trade to finally offer their clients fast, consistent and dependable processing.

• Now offers unmatched reliability and performance
• Fully supports online and offline branches to maximize revenue
• Able to handle a larger trading volume

The switch to ALTIBASE HBD has helped E*Trade grow their revenue, reputation and profitability. If you would like to know more about how our DBMS can help grow, support and benefit your business, read the whole E*Trade success story here.

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