Altibase to Unveil a Free Version of its Legendary Enterprise In-Memory Hybrid Database

Altibase has announced that a free version of its hybrid database (ALTIBASE HDB) will be released for public consumption in early 2015.

“After years of demand for a totally free version of ALTIBASE HDB, I am thrilled that our hybrid IMDBMS will soon be available for the masses. Whether it is for education, startups or SMBs, the software will be ready for use with a few clicks of a mouse. Our mission is simple: we would like everyone to understand and utilize the huge benefits of a true hybrid DBMS that marries the incredible speeds of an in-memory database and the persistence of an on-disk database; this will be an eye-opener for many, as the rewards are immediate.” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

Many organizations tend to cling to old infrastructures because they mistakenly believe them to be sufficient or because the cost of upgrading those infrastructures is daunting. While maintaining the status quo may not seem like much of an issue on the database management system level, nothing could be further from the truth. Companies that do not take advantage of the exponential growth in high-intensity data processing leave themselves vulnerable to a litany of risks. The risks span from data persistence, security, and of course, competitive advantage.

According to an article by Rackspace written in June of 2014 titled The Risks and Hidden Dangers of Outdated Technology, “With older technology… issues can strike you at any time. The consequences can be loss of productivity, or worse, loss of critical data that negatively impacts your business.” Rackspace highlights “loss of competitiveness.” “Your competitors want to destroy you. They want all of your business. And they are quite likely using technology to gain a competitive edge. You can’t do that with old technology.”

Altibase has been mitigating these risks for enterprises across the globe but they now want to make infrastructure upgrades attainable for all. Altibase’s hybrid database, which has been the go-to choice for mission-critical applications in virtually every vertical, is the only relational database whose in-memory database melds with the on disk database to offer both speed and sustainability in one package. The free version of HDB will have a community forum for support and is projected to be available for public download in Q1 of 2015.

For more information, please contact Altibase at this link.

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