Best Practices to Keep your Data Safe

A company’s data is of utmost importance, contributing to assets, insights into the business, and much more. Data security is a prominent topic in organizations today, as it is vital for data to be easily accessible to those within the organization, but also, protected from those who are not.

Technological malfunctions, data breaches , meltdowns, hackers, system failures – we’ve all heard horror stories of data theft and loss. Your organization’s data is important to you, but could be beneficial to others, making it a key point of concentration.


We’ve compiled 4 preventative measures that you can take to ensure your data is safe to alleviate the stress associated with data security.


  1.  Utilize the right tools. Protect yourself from data security issues by employing the right protection, regardless of if the data is remaining static or being moved. File transfers often create opportunity for issues with privacy and your data, so it is vital to ensure that your organization is utilizing the correct tools to fully protect yourself.
  2. Educate your team. Let them know about the platforms used, the details of the capabilities of the platforms, and how to navigate any specifics that they may need to know. Your team must realize the implications of data security on the entire organization, and appreciate the importance of it.
  3. Continue to seek out the latest and greatest in data protection. If you are utilizing a top-notch platform, the company will continue to educate you on innovations within the industry, ensuring that your data is protected by the most current and effective product on the market.
  4. Develop a contingency plan. As much as we would all hope that privacy and security concerns were not an issue, this is not the case 100% of the time. It is important for your team to know the correct steps to take if an issue does arise regarding the security of your organization’s data.

Granted, no data is ever completely isolated and safe from privacy concerns, but if an organization takes the proper precautions, it can be well protected. By employing a secure platform, keeping up with security updates, educating staff and addressing concerns, organizations can maintain secure, private data.

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