How Altibase Stacks Up Against the Competition

Utilizing the correct database is essential to allow your business to run more effectively and smoothly. Deciding which service to use can be a difficult one, as the differences between each brand are technical and require in-depth knowledge on functionality and technology. Here we’ll break down the difference between Altibase and our competitors, making your decision a little easier. Read more

Best Practices to Keep your Data Safe

A company’s data is of utmost importance, contributing to assets, insights into the business, and much more. Data security is a prominent topic in organizations today, as it is vital for data to be easily accessible to those within the organization, but also, protected from those who are not.

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Databasics: What is a DBMS?

A database management system (DBMS), often confused with a database, is a system that allows people and applications to interact with data. Data refers to individual pieces of information and a database refers to the compilation of multiple pieces of data. A DBMS is vital in order to apply this information and make it useful.

There are endless applications for DBMSs. Anything that requires the organization of large quantities of data will need a DBMS in order to manipulate it. The data can be organized in many different ways – by table, object, data tree and more. Read more