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ALTIBASE(www.altibase.com),作为DBMS界公认的新宠儿,近来所受的关注度大增。 特别是,随着在大型IT企业的解决方案中,成功替换原本客户使用的Oracle、Microsoft、IBM产品的案例逐渐增加,ALTIBASE产品越来越吸引大家的关注。Oracle、Microsoft、IBM等企业的DBMS软件,不但License及维护费用高昂,而且使用In-Memory相关功能时还需要支付额外费用等,对此不满的用户日益增加。此外,技术支持满意度相对较低,在最重要的系统上频频发生功能与性能问题,也是用户最终替换原有DBMS的原因。 more information :  http://news.ctocio.com.cn/5/13397505.shtml


全球数据库管理系统(DBMS)先导企业之一的ALTIBASE(www.altibase.com)将免费发布混合型数据库(以下简称HDB)的Community Edition(以下简称CE)版本。 more information : http://software.it168.com/a2012/0917/1398/000001398724.shtml

Altibase Hybrid Database Included in Gartner’s Who’s Who for In-Memory DBMSs – 2014

Gartner’s report states, “The extreme performance promises of in-memory database management system technologies are very attractive to organizations, but not all offerings are created equal².” Altibase is widely known for its product maturity, wide use-case applicability and legendary customer support. 1+1=1™. Altibase’s marquis database is ALTIBASE® HDB™ and it is the only true hybrid database […]

How Altibase Stacks Up Against the Competition

Utilizing the correct database is essential to allow your business to run more effectively and smoothly. Deciding which service to use can be a difficult one, as the differences between each brand are technical and require in-depth knowledge on functionality and technology. Here we’ll break down the difference between Altibase and our competitors, making your […]

Altibase to Exhibit its ALTIBASE HDB™ In-Memory Database with Hybrid Architectureat Dell World 2013, December 10th-13th in Austin, Texas

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 04, 2013 Dell World is a critical venue that will address the future direction of IT for global enterprises. Dell servers are ideal for Altibase to further grow its innovative In-Memory solutions in today’s demanding data-centric world. The event will showcase Altibase’s maturity, reliability and unmatched expertise in the In-Memory […]

Best Practices to Keep your Data Safe

A company’s data is of utmost importance, contributing to assets, insights into the business, and much more. Data security is a prominent topic in organizations today, as it is vital for data to be easily accessible to those within the organization, but also, protected from those who are not.