How Altibase Stacks Up Against the Competition

Utilizing the correct database is essential to allow your business to run more effectively and smoothly. Deciding which service to use can be a difficult one, as the differences between each brand are technical and require in-depth knowledge on functionality and technology. Here we’ll break down the difference between Altibase and our competitors, making your decision a little easier.

Altibase vs. Cassandra

The most obvious difference is in Altibase’s diverse feature set. Altibase supports secondary and geospatial indexes, while Cassandra offers limited and no support respectively. Altibase also supports database linking, dynamic sizing, and real time ACID compliance, all of which Cassandra’s system fails to do. If you’re looking for strong monitoring support and a wide set of general features, you’ll choose Alitbase over Cassandra’s weaker and more limited system.

Altibase vs. Oracle

Performance is an essential factor in databases, and here Altibase trumps Oracle. Altibase offers a synchronous replication rate three times faster than Oracle, as well as tens of times higher performance with complex queries and replication against Bulk DML. Altibase’s replication, providing 99.99% HA, is included in the database, whereas Oracle’s RAC requires a separate license and service charge.

Altibase vs. IBM

In-Memory databases are the clear choice over those that employ a disk storage mechanism, especially in regards to speed. By eliminating seek time when querying data, you’ll get faster and more predictable performance. Sizing up Altibase against IBM reveals faster times in competitive benchmarks across the board, with differences illuminated especially by a larger number of threads and complex queries. Take a look at this chart to see the surprising numbers.

Altibase vs. SAP HANA

Maintenance and upkeep can be a large part of database cost, and against SAP HANA, Altibase makes it easier and affordable. With a cheaper license cost, choice of a software only purchase, easy maintenance and on-disk database support, Altibase is an economic and powerful system. While SAP HANA requires significant retraining for engineers because of a heavily proprietary codebase, Altibase is written to be SQL 99 and 2000 compliant. We serve a more diverse system size than SAP HANA, have no vendor dependency, and most importantly, employ real time remote disaster recovery, making Altibase the preferred choice.

Want more information? Take a look at our competitor page here.

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