Altibase Inc. Announces The Launch Of ALTIBASE HDB™ Hybrid Database Management System

Extreme speed or big data? Altibase HDB™ Hybrid solves the pervasive database management conundrum.

Life is a database. Optimized data management systems define the health of business. ALTIBASE HDB™ with its Hybrid architecture combines the extreme speed of an In-Memory database with the storage capacity of on-disk data management in a single unified engine.

High performance computing and its ability to transmit massive data more quickly and without interruption drive profitability for governments and corporations alike. “There are many Database Management Systems (DBMS), but Altibase has the fastest and most comprehensive solution yet.” (Confidential Client)

Since 1999, Altibase has been the go-to source for mission critical database management strategies. Altibase is the only company to offer an In-Memory and On-Disk database management as a single solution. With over 500 enterprise clients and thousands of deployments, Altibase’s data management system is unilaterally trusted and fortified by its impeccable reputation.

Altibase has received numerous awards and recognitions from both government and IT leaders for excellence in database management software solutions, pioneering R&D and leadership in the In-Memory computing space.

Fast, mature, reliable and flexible: The ALTIBASE HDB™ Database Management Solution

ALTIBASE HDB™ is proprietary and wholly developed by Altibase. The technology maximizes the strengths of both In-Memory and On-Disk databases in a single database management system. In-Memory databases are well known for extreme performance while the storage capabilities of conventional On-Disk databases are still required for today’s Big Data. ALTIBASE HDB™ combines both database types to harness the power of each. It can selectively store data on disk or in memory depending on access frequency and allows seamless data access with optimal efficiency.

Real time processing and mass storage is not enough. ALTIBASE HDB™’s built-in high availability and data replication complete the database management solution.

ALTIBASE HDB™ drives performance and revenue growth for the likes of E*TRADE, Samsung, HP, China Telecom and China Unicom and maximizes their efficacy in areas like Network Utilization/Service Reliability, Integrated Billing/Authentication, Fraud Detection/Prevention and Infrastructure Monitoring/Security.

ALTIBASE HDB™ database management is the single solution for a chronic problem.

Until now, clients had to make a choice with their database management systems…Speed or Size?

With ALTIBASE HDB™ There is not choice – There is no compromise

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